Kingfisher Schools Trust

Values and Vision

Our Guiding Values and our Vision for Kingfisher Schools Trust

Our values guide what we do; they explain what is important to us: Opportunity, Community, and Excellence. As we launch the new trust, our vision is tied very closely to these guiding values. Our vision captures our ambitions for the future and what we are all working towards.


We are ambitious for every child in out trust schools and we are dedicated to success for all

Our vision:
“The decisions we make as a trust and the way we work is built upon what is right for the young people in our care”

Schools have a major impact on young people’s lives. It is in the hands of leaders and those working in our schools to ensure that this is a highly positive impact. As a trust we believe that the culture in our schools needs to be carefully developed around the central idea of Opportunity.

We are serious about providing high-quality and inclusive education and this means a commitment to serving all pupils well.


Each school will be a distinctive community that builds confidence in young people

Our vision:
“Pupils will grow as individuals, work together, and develop an understanding of the world around them”

At Kingfisher, we know that learning and education programmes are not the sole preserve of schools, but we believe in the power of schooling to do something very special for young people. The community within our schools can provide security, develop lasting relationships, and nurture individuality, alongside the pride of being part of a team. We want our schools to be safe places to learn and achieve, to connect with challenging ideas and to be challenged. We want pupils to feel safe to ask questions and to learn from misconceptions.


Every child will thrive in a strong school

Our vision:
“Expert teachers, supported by strong leaders, bring to life a curriculum that gives pupils the knowledge and skills to succeed.”

Our trust is the body that sets and holds everyone to high standards, in service to our pupils. The trust will do this both centrally, through its leadership, but also collaboratively, where schools and colleagues challenge one another to improve and provide the best experience we can.
Everyone working in our schools has a part to play in creating an excellent environment for achievement, where high standards are seen in everything we do. All adults must also demonstrate high standards in personal conduct, to act as role models to young people.

Kingfisher Spirit

We want pupils of all ages in our schools to have access to experiences that enrich them personally and expand their view of the opportunities available to them. Moreover, we want our pupils to learn about the values, attitudes and behaviours that will help them to succeed in life, to make the most of these opportunities.

Kingfishers are known for many positive attributes in both ancient and modern cultures. They are a symbol of hope, joy, patience, peace, renewal and freedom of spirit.