Kingfisher Schools Trust


Each school will be a distinctive community that builds confidence in young people

Great schools contribute to the identity of the places they serve and the pride people take in them. Our schools are very clearly focal points for their towns and neighbourhoods; this is especially the case in rural settings and in market towns. Part of our vision is for schools to be strong communities in themselves, but that they also contribute to the development of the wider communities they are in.

The East of England is a region with huge potential. As the population and the economy grows and diversifies, we want our young people to be ready for the opportunities available, for instance, in the creative sector or the energy sector. We will develop strong partnerships with employers and further and higher education institutions, to open up pathways for pupils in our schools.

We are very fortunate to have the backing of local partners, to help us in raising aspirations and opening up further learning and work opportunities for young people in our area.

Through our partnership with Sizewell C and EDF we have been able to establish a new post of Director of Community and Partnerships to take forward this work, for the benefit of pupils in our trust and in schools more widely.

For further information, please contact Dan Mayhew, Director of Community and Partnerships: