Kingfisher Schools Trust

Kingfisher welcomes positive monitoring inspections

A positive monitoring inspection report for Stowmarket High School is published today: please click here to read the report.

The visiting inspector noted that: ‘the school environment is calm and purposeful’ and that ‘leaders and staff are highly visible’. As well as acknowledging that ‘in most lessons, pupils learn effectively’, the inspector writes that ‘pupils are enjoying their time at school more’.

Reflecting on the impact of trust support, the inspector commented that: 'The increase in leadership capacity is enabling improvements to occur at a faster pace. The new personnel in the trust, working with the school improvement board, have driven forward quicker change.'

In March, a report of a recent monitoring inspection of Roman Hill Primary School was published: please click here to read the report.

The inspectors noted that 'the school’s personal development programme is impressive and well-considered', leaders 'have adopted creative strategies to improve attendance' and that the high-quality curriculum 'enables pupils to learn new knowledge in small steps'.

Commenting on the impact of trust support, the report notes: 'Trust leaders are taking appropriate action to support the school improvement journey. This alleviates the need for external support. Trustees and local school committee members maintain their moral purpose.'

'Since the previous monitoring inspection, there have been notable changes to leadership within the trust. New colleagues have taken up post, including the CEO, director of education and chair of the board of trustees.'